Building Material CE Certificate

The CE mark is a verification mark that appears on the product. This mark is a visible mark that confirms that the product complies with the relevant harmonized European standards and regulations.

Building Material CE Certificate

The Construction Materials Directive 305 / 2011 / EU was adopted in 2011 and entered into force in 2013. From this date on, all building materials offered for sale in the European Economic Area must be manufactured in accordance with the relevant harmonized European standard and have the CE marking.

In our country, the Building Materials Regulation (305 / 2011 / EU) has been implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization based on the mentioned directive. This regulation mainly aims to:

  • Establish the rules of performance declarations on the basic properties of building materials, and

  • To determine the principles for attaching CE marking to construction materials

The Construction Materials Directive 305 / 2011 has been prepared with the aim of removing trade barriers created by the technical specifications and ensuring the free movement of construction products within the borders of the European Union. With this directive, uniform assessment methods have been established for the performance of construction products in the European Economic Area. These assessment methods are in harmonized technical standards and are used by all stakeholders in the construction sector. These methods are used by public institutions, architects, engineers and contractors while declaring the performance of the products, presenting the products to consumers, and selecting the products suitable for their use in construction works.

The Construction Products Directive requires continuous control of the declared performance of construction products. For example, to ensure the suitability of products, the performance of building materials under fire conditions is important. This control system is made more comprehensive by the mandatory involvement of a third party, a so-called notified body.

Cables used in construction works are a very important building material. All cables supplied to the European Union markets require the manufacturer to draw up a performance declaration. This also applies to products manufactured outside the European Union. In this case, however, the importer who offers the product to the European Union market must ensure that the manufacturer fulfills its obligations correctly.

The declaration of performance, or declaration of conformity to the European Union, is a prerequisite for affixing the CE mark on the product. In order to make a performance declaration, the manufacturer must rely on an authorized laboratory report or a third party notified body report. By signing the performance declaration, the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the performance of the entire production.

The manufacturer may affix the CE marking on the product based on the Construction Products Directive or other directive. For example, the CE marking for low-voltage cables may be based on the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive.

Again, as of 2013, under the Construction Products Directive, manufacturers have been obliged to apply the CE marking to all building materials within the scope of harmonized European standards or product-specific European Technical Assessment.

The levels of assessment and verification of performance continuity are determined by the European Commission according to the product and practices. For example, a safety-critical product requires more responsibility than an aesthetic product. Accordingly, the responsibility of the notified body or manufacturer is different for the placement of the CE marking for each product class.

Initial inspection, continuous surveillance, type tests and inspection tests are among the tasks of the notified body, while factory product controls, type tests for certain product levels and performance declaration are among the duties of the manufacturer.

Our company also provides building material CE Certificate services within the scope of certification services. Thanks to these services, enterprises are able to produce more efficient, high performance and quality products in a safe, fast and uninterrupted manner.

Building material CE Certificate services provided within the scope of certification services are only one of the services provided by our organization in this direction. Many other certification services are also available.

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CE Certification Process 1.Step

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Identify the directives or directives to which the product applies.

CE Certification Process 2.Step

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Identify the requirements for the product.

CE Certification Process 3.Step

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To determine if third-party assessment is needed.

CE Certification Process 4.Step

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Evaluate product suitability.

CE Certification Process 5.Step

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Prepare and store technical files.

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Congratulations! Now your product CE Mark You can add.

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