Why CE Certificate?

In order to obtain the CE Certificate, manufacturers must go through certain processes. For example, first the requirements of the product in the relevant European Union directives are determined. It is then determined whether the product meets certain requirements. Then in certain cases it is necessary to have the product tested by a notified body.

Why CE Certificate?

The next step is to test or test the product. After all this is done, a technical file is prepared. A declaration of conformity with the product must be prepared in this file. After all these processes are completed, the manufacturer can place the CE Mark on the product.

Essentially, the New Approach Directives impose these responsibilities on manufacturers and importers only have to make sure that the products to be placed on the market comply with the applicable conditions and pose a risk to the health and safety of European Union citizens. In order to be sure of these two points, importer companies have to verify whether the manufacturers outside the European Union have taken the necessary steps and obtained the CE Certificate.

In addition, distributors must have a basic knowledge of certain legal requirements, such as which products must bear the CE Mark and whether a technical dossier has been prepared for these products and clearly identify non-conforming products. It should also be able to demonstrate to government agencies that they act diligently and confirm that necessary measures have been taken from the manufacturer or importer.

The CE Mark indicates that the manufacturer checks whether the products meet the safety, health and environmental requirements of the European Union. At the same time, the CE Mark is an indication that a product is manufactured in accordance with the legal requirements of the European Union. In this way, products with CE Certificate gain the right to free movement within the borders of the European Union.

The single market strategy is a strategy pursued by the European Commission that envisages the movement of people, services, products and capital more comfortably, which is expected to create opportunities for European businesses and to create more options for consumers at lower prices. In line with this strategy, citizens of the European Union will be able to travel, settle and work wherever they want. In the meantime, the health and safety of people and environmental conditions are tried to be protected within the borders of the European Union. The New Approach Directives and the implementation of the CE Certificate implemented in this framework are the result of these efforts.

By placing the CE Mark on a product, the manufacturer declares that it complies with all legal requirements under its responsibility. The manufacturer therefore guarantees the validity of products to be offered to consumers within the European Union. This also applies to products made in the European Economic Area and third countries offered to consumers in our country.

The important point here is that it is not necessary to apply to any public or private organization to obtain a CE Certificate. Only in cases where it is necessary to go to the notified body in the relevant directives, the notified body tests and approvals approved by the Council of Europe are required. However, these approvals are not for document regulation, but for the conformity of products under directives and standards. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to bear the CE mark on the products and to draw up a declaration of conformity.

In the meantime, the CE Certificate application is not applicable to all products. Only the CE Mark is applied for products or product groups covered by the New Approach Directives.

Our company also provides CE Certificate services within the scope of certification services. Thanks to these services, enterprises are able to produce more efficient, high performance and quality products in a safe, fast and uninterrupted manner.

CE Certificate services provided within the scope of certification services are only one of the services provided by our organization in this respect. Many other certification services are also available.

CE document How to Buy

CE Certification Process 1.Step

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Identify the directives or directives to which the product applies.

CE Certification Process 2.Step

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Identify the requirements for the product.

CE Certification Process 3.Step

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To determine if third-party assessment is needed.

CE Certification Process 4.Step

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Evaluate product suitability.

CE Certification Process 5.Step

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Prepare and store technical files.

CE Certification Process 6.Step

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Congratulations! Now your product CE Mark You can add.

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