Packaging CE Certificate

The concept of packaging refers to products made of various materials to be used for the protection, processing, delivery and presentation of products, from raw materials to processed goods, from the manufacturer to the user or the consumer, including used non-recyclable products.

Packaging CE Certificate

Sales packaging or primary packaging is packaging designed for the user or consumer at the point of purchase. Grouped packaging or secondary packaging is packaging designed to group a certain number of products at the point of purchase. The end user or consumer is not targeted in this packaging. Transport packaging or tertiary packaging is packaging designed to facilitate the transportation of grouped packagings to prevent physical handling and transportation damage.

In accordance with the Directive 94/62 / EC on Packaging and packaging waste published within the scope of the New Approach Directives, manufacturers cannot introduce any packaging to the European Union market unless they comply with the basic requirements. Reused packaging is considered not to have been put on the market in accordance with the principles of this directive. If a package meets the relevant harmonized standards, or in the absence of relevant harmonized standards, it meets the national standards communicated to the Commission and notified to the Member States by the Commission, this packaging is considered to comply with the essential requirements. Harmonized standards are those published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

According to the principles of the directive, if the sum of the concentration levels of certain metals in the package or in any of the packaging components exceeds 100 ppm, the manufacturer should not use this package.

Within the framework of harmonization with the European Union, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Control Regulation (94/62/EC) has been published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. According to the legal regulation, packaging with certain environmental criteria, conditions and features must be produced. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the formation of packaging waste and to reduce the amount of unavoidable packaging waste to be disposed of by reuse, recycling and recovery methods. Packaging wastes cannot be released directly or indirectly to the receiving environment in a way that will harm the environment. In this regard, companies have to take the necessary measures. Packaging wastes must be collected at the source using certain systems, collected separately, transported and separated. Technical and administrative standards have to be established in this direction. The said regulation regulates the necessary administrative and technical principles in line with all these mentioned purposes.

briefly threeIt is necessary to produce environmentally friendly packaging, and in this regard, companies should apply the management of packaging wastes for separate collection at the source, recycling and recovery.

With the said legal regulation, at least 80% of the recycling targets by authorized organizations must be from packaging wastes other than wastes from industrial enterprises.

short kIt is important to increase the efficiency of separate collection and recycling in sourdough, and for this, packaging manufacturers are required to use a certain amount of waste packaging or recycled materials obtained from waste packaging in their production processes. These rates are 2020 percent in paper and cardboard, 35 percent in glass and 20 percent in metal for the post-20 year.

Directive 94/62 / EC on packaging and packaging wasteobliges member states to achieve targets for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. This directive covers all packaging to be brought into the European Union countries and encourages the use of recycled materials in packaging production.

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CE Certification Process 1.Step

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Identify the directives or directives to which the product applies.

CE Certification Process 2.Step

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Identify the requirements for the product.

CE Certification Process 3.Step

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To determine if third-party assessment is needed.

CE Certification Process 4.Step

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Evaluate product suitability.

CE Certification Process 5.Step

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Prepare and store technical files.

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Congratulations! Now your product CE Mark You can add.

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